Friends of SVP Zone

Are you interested in helping our children have those little extras to enrich their time at school? We are a group of parents who meet once a term (over a glass of wine) to plan fundraising activities for the school and to discuss how any money raised should be spent.  Anyone is welcome to come along.

You can find more information on the PTA at their events website: https://www.pta- or keep up-to-date via the facebook page.


As a Friend of Southville Primary, you can:

  • improve the school
  • get to know each other – whilst taking part in a range of activities
  • share common concerns
  • find out more about how the school works
  • fundraise for extra items or services to enrich the children's education
  • have fun

What activities do we organise?

  • Discos - Family Halloween
  • Welcome BBQ for Nursery and Reception children and parents
  • Christmas Fayres
  • Quiz Evenings
  • Summer Fayres
  • Class Sponsored Events
  • Cake Sales
  • Clothing Collections
  • Invitation Book Sales
  • Christmas cards

What has the money been spent on?

  • Subsidising theatre trips
  • Library resources
  • School dining room makeover
  • Year 6 leaver’s event
  • Classroom resources
  • Playground equipment
  • Costumes for Stages Dance show

PTA committee

PTA chair – Tarnjit Khera
Vice Chair – Charlotte Todd-Brady
Treasurer – Liz Newton
Secretary – Elspeth Jones