Religious education

We are aspiring theologists! 

At Southville Primary School, we aspire to be theologists. Our religious education curriculum will give our children the understanding of others' cultures and beliefs, respect others including people with different faiths and share their views in a safe space. We will equip them with the knowledge and understanding of different world beliefs and views to help them flourish as citizens in a diverse society. This contributes to promoting a positive and inclusive school and equips children with the confidence to share their opinions. 

We will do this by:

  • Sharing and celebrating religious festivals as they are happening and provide children with a platform to share their beliefs (whether they are religious or not)
  • Providing our children with opportunities to visit religious sites and hear from expert speakers to make learning as real as possible
  • Enhancing the children learning by  teaching different religious stories to provide a wide range of thoughts and beliefs 
  • Comparing and contrasting different religions, looking at what they have in common as well as how they are unique
  • Giving the children time to reflect on  lives big questions and understand how different world views would answer them 
  • Ensure we reflect our local area and the vibrant city of Bristol in order to develop in the children an understanding and appreciation of the culture and diversity of this great city