We are aspiring artists!

At Southville Primary School, we aspire to be artists. Our art curriculum will give each child the opportunity to cultivate their creative potential in a nurturing and supportive environment. We will introduce the children to a broad range of artists, architects and designers, both contemporary and historic. We will teach them to draw on the skills and knowledge of local, national and international artists and designers in order to enrich their work and play an active role in their creative community.

We will do this by:

  • Making sure that art objectives are delivered in the context of an appropriate topic within our Immersive Learning curriculum wherever possible
  • Ensuring the children experience a range of mediums, techniques and styles
  • Developing and improving the children’s mastery of art and design techniques within and across the years
  • Giving the children the freedom to express their own views in order to critique and appreciate various artists and their work
  • Providing our children with opportunities to share and present art and design work that they are proud of
  • Organising visits to local art galleries and museums, as well as events such as parent visits and The Southbank Bristol Arts Trail, to allow our children to experience first-hand learning opportunities within their local environment.