Residential trips

Residential Trips

Our children are very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend two residential trips during their time at Southville. Our year 5 children go on a UK-based outdoor pursuits residential and our year 6 children have the amazing opportunity of going to France with their friends and teachers.

Year 5 Residential

In year 5, the children are given the chance to go on a 3-day outdoor pursuits’ trip within the UK, learning new skills and trying out new activities. Through this trip, they develop increased independence, self-confidence and teamwork skills. They can try out all sorts of activities, including many that they may not have had the opportunity to learn before.

Year 6 Residential

In year 6, the children are invited to participate in a 5-day trip to Picardie in northern France. Throughout KS2, the children are taught French by a specialist teacher. By year 6, the children have developed enough skills to be able to hold a conversation in French and this trip allows them to put this into practice, talking with stall holders in a French market to buy some produce and answering questions on a treasure hunt in French. The year 6 children also study the history and culture of France in term 1, so many of the activities and days out during the French trip support their learning in this topic.