Physical Education

We are aspiring athletes!

At Southville Primary School, we aspire to be athletes. Our PE curriculum will encourage our children to understand the importance of lead healthy and active lives. We will inspire a life-long passion for sports and physical fitness in our children. The curriculum will promote personal confidence, respect, fair play and teamwork through competitive and non-competitive sporting activities that are accessible to all. We will give the children access to a broad scope of cross-curricular opportunities, including games and activities, which will give them the opportunity to expand their physical and emotional well-being through engagement in daily physical activity. Children will be supported to develop their resilience and emotional intelligence through experiencing healthy outdoor learning, such as Forest School. We will encourage and support the children on their journey to becoming enthusiastic and role models for sports and sportsmanship. 

We will do this by: 

  • Having fun
  • Providing varied opportunities for, and encouraging all children to work and play with others in a range of sporting activities 
  •  Enabling all children to develop and explore physical skills with increasing control and coordination 
  • Developing the children’s enjoyment of physical activity through engaging, creating and active activities 
  • Developing children’s confidence to excel in a broad range of physical activities whilst recognising the importance of positive competition
  • Modelling how to improve the quality and control of their performance
  • Developing an understanding of personal performance and team work, supporting the children to understand the best ways to develop and influence yourself and those around you
  • Supporting the children to experience success in sport
  • Teaching children to recognise and describe how their bodies change and feel during exercise
  • Encouraging the children to recognise the physical and mental benefits associated with leading a healthy lifestyle