School Communication app

Reach more Parents- app by Weduc

Here at Southville Primary School we use Reach More Parents as our main source of communication between home and school. Reach More Parents is a digital communications tool which allows you, as parents, to see a wealth of important information concerning your child, right at your fingertips. We use Reach More Parents to inform you about key dates in the term, to keep you up to speed with your child’s learning and for sending out important notices, among many other things.


Weduc allows you to see live updates about your child’s education, meaning you will never miss a moment of your child’s learning Journey. Receive alerts and keep updated with School News, Trips, Learning Activities, Important Announcements, Key Dates and Events, Attendance Information and much more!

How to log into Weduc

•  By downloading the app onto your smart phone or tablet. You can download Weduc from the App Store or Google Play.
•  By logging in via the Weduc website/portal at:

The new Reach More Parents App is here!

Weduc has redesigned the App for Reach More Parents with major enhancements to the layout, accessibility, and general ease of use.

What do I need to do as a parent? If your phone has automatic updates turned on, there is nothing you need to do, as the app will update automatically on 03/04/2023. If you do not have automatic updates turned on, you will need to re-download the app from the App Store if you have an iPhone or the Google Play Store if you have an Android.

Can I still access the same features? Yes. The features you already use such as Newsfeed, Absence Reporting and Messaging are still accessible.

What’s new? You can find a PDF document attached which will give you a detailed breakdown of everything that has changed in the app.