We are aspiring French speakers!

At Southville Primary School, we aspire to be French speakers. Our modern foreign
languages curriculum will provide a firm foundation for future language learning, equipping
pupils with the essential skills and positive attitude to learn languages for pleasure and to
study and work in Britain and other countries. Learning a foreign language is a liberation
from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures and the wider world. It is also a
window onto our own language, encouraging children to reflect on the vocabulary,
grammar and historical development of English and other languages they may speak.

We will do this by:

  • Teaching French regularly to all children in Key Stage 2
  • Delivering fun and engaging lessons
  • Immersing children in the target language by giving instructions, praise and
    incidental phrases in French
  • Ensuring that children have varied opportunities to listen, speak, read and write for
    different purposes
  • Celebrating the range and variety of languages spoken by members of our school
  • Using real French story books and traditional songs in the classroom
  • Providing practical, meaningful contexts to motivate children to communicate in
    French and have contact with native speakers both in and outside lessons. These
    • Exchanging video messages and letters with our French partner school
    • Serving or eating at a crêpe café with real food
    • School visits by teaching assistants from Bordeaux
    • An annual French or Francophone cultural day with a French theatre group
      or music/art specialist
    • French class performances to parents
    • Year 6 residential trip to France
    • Year 5 trip to a local secondary school to participate in language activities


We are very fortunate to have a specialist French teacher, who plans and delivers weekly lessons for all KS2 classes. The scheme of work is taken from Tout le Monde and is carefully sequenced to progressively build on children's knowledge and understanding. 

Our children practice four key skills in lessons: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Children enjoy the chance to have meaningful conversations in French, based on their learning in class. 

Teachers make sure they know what the children are learning in French so that they can feed this into other parts of the day where appropriate, e.g. following classroom instructions, days of the week.