Learning in Year 6

Immersive Learning

Please find below all the learning maps for the six topics we will learn this year. These topics will form the majority of our lessons, combining literacy, science, art, DT, history and geography. It really helps your child build their knowledge and understanding if you can support their learning at home by, for example, taking them to a museum or finding a non-fiction book in the library linked to each term’s topic.

Physical Education

At present we would ask that on the day of your childs scheduled PE sessions they attend school in their PE kit. For the 15 minute mile, uniform may be worn along with trainers.

Pelicans PE - Thursday
Penguins PE - Thursday
Puffins PE - Friday

15 minute mile for all year 6 classes are Tuesday and Friday.


We will be continuing our push on reading this academic year and, as usual, we would appreciate it if your child would bring an appropriate reading book to school each day. This saves time and, along with using our school reading scheme, allows us to assess strengths and weaknesses as well as allowing the children to have a set book to read. Please help us by regularly listening to your child read. This will certainly help them to progress and will allow you to see if they are fully understanding what they are reading. Its also a good excuse to spend quality time being read to.


Please continue to practice your spellings weekly. The spellings for this term can be found below.


Your homework for this term is below. It must be handed in on the Tuesday of each week.