Learning in Year 1

Immersive Learning

At our school, we learn many subjects under one umbrella; we call this ‘Immersive Learning’ as the children are fully immersed in a particular topic or theme for a term and become experts in that area of the curriculum. Each term we will add the medium term overview for the new topic which can be found below. These topics will form the majority of our lessons, combining literacy, science, art, DT, history and geography. It really helps your child build their knowledge and understanding if you can support their learning at home by, for example, taking them to a museum or finding a non-fiction book in the library linked to each term’s topic.

Physical Education

Please come into school dressed in your PE kit on the day you have PE and wear trainers on your
running days.


Please practice your reading at home as much as you can, preferably five times a week. Sign and
date your record so we can see what youve been doing at home. You will have reading books from school but other things are great too.


Southville Primary follows the Letters and Sounds programme. During Year 1 we cover phases 3-5.
Below is a document that has a glossary of phonics terms and also a breakdown of the Letters and
Sounds phases. You will also find attached a presentation from our parents’ phonics workshop.