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Year 6 Penguins

Term 2

Immersive Learning Overview


Important Dates

 Term 2: Monday  04th November -  Friday 20th December.


Pupil Photos: Fri 8th November 

French Residential: 11th - 15th Nov.



Term Topic

Our term's topic is Mysterious Mayans.This will form the majority of our lessons, combining literacy, science, art, PSHE, history and geography.



Year 6 regulars

PE is every Monday and Tuesday.

Please keep PE kits at school throughout the week as we may  do an outdoor activity that requires a change of clothes.


PE kit
Daps, plimsolls or trainers (age appropriate fastening assists staff)
Black shorts and white T shirt. Children should also have a T shirt in their house colour for sports day and house events.
Black track pants and a warm red or house colour top for outdoor PE in the Winter.


Homework is given out on a Friday and should be completed and returned the following Wednesday.

Spellings are given out each Friday and tested the following Friday.

Times Tables Club

Can I remind you that a thorough knowledge of the times tables is an essential part to understanding many areas of the year 6 numeracy topics. For the children who need support in this area tables club will start at the beginning of the term.

If your child is part of the tables club please help them practise their tables at home.

For some tables help and games click here.


We will be continuing our push on reading this academic year and, as usual, We would appreciate it if your child would bring an appropriate reading book to school each day. This saves time and, along with using our school reading scheme, allows me to assess strengths and weaknesses as well as allowing the children to have a set book to read. 

Please help us by regularly listening to your child read. This will certainly help them to progress and will allow you to see if they are fully understanding what they are reading. It's also a good excuse to spend quality time being read to.


The National Curriculum.

Click here for a quick link to the national curriculum

Autumn 2 Term 2 2019

Welcome back to the second term of the year. The children now know what is expected of them in year 6 and I hope to see good progress, hard work and engaging learning throughout this term. 


Term 2 Spellings

As we are in France next week, there will be no spellings test until the end of Week 3 (when we will test a selection of words from week 1 and week 2).



Our term's topic is Mysterious Mayans. This will form the majority of our lessons, combining literacy, science, art, PSHE, history and geography.

We will be looking at various aspects of the Ancient Mayan Civilisation in terms of their settlements, society, jobs, myths, religious beliefs and demise. Over the term,  the children will be challenged to research, gather information and create artefacts to curate a museum-style exhibition in the classroom which will showcase our learning.

In DT, we will be looking at designing and sewing bags towards the end of the term.

In science, we will be learning about the skeleton,  the circulatory system (including the heart and lungs) and the function of blood and blood vessels. We will also be thinking about the impact of lifestyle, diet and exercise on the body, something which will link with our healthy living focus in PSHE. 



We will continue  with SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) input during topic literacy lessons. For some help and revision for spelling and grammar click here and for punctuation games click here. 


This terms literacy targets are:


Numeracy will focus on revising some of the areas that we have studied over the year as part of transition in to year 7. The children will continue to practise their arithmetic skills, as well as problems involving mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). We will also be looking at applying numeracy practically, as a means of showing the children how maths is used in everyday life.


This terms arithmetic targets are:

 For further practise of these mental and arithmetic skills, as well as others click here.



Please make sure your child has brought their reading book and has their PE kit at school. 




w/b 04th November 2019 

lessons will focus on:






Geography -


Year 6 are also known as 'The Penguins.' To celebrate this why not click here to visit the penguin information web page for fun facts, pictures and videos of our beaked namesakes.




Work and Play with Purple Mash

Click on the Purple Mash icon below to get to the log on page. Use your special password to gain access to the Wonderful World of Purple Mash. Do some drawing, write a story, play some games or build your own game. Have fun and let Mr Potter know what you think.