Southville Primary School

Merrywood Road, Bristol, Avon. BS3 1EB Tel: 01173772671

Myrtle Street, Bristol, Avon. BS3 1JG Tel: 01173534444



Badger Class 

Teacher: Miss Hargreaves (Monday - Wednesday) and Miss Watts (Thursday - Friday) 

PE: Wednesday and Thursday


Bear Class 

Teacher: Miss Edwards

PE: Wednesday and Thursday

Butterfly Class 

Teacher: Ms Abercrombie (Monday-Wednesday) and Miss Hall (Thursday and Friday)

PE: Wednesday and Friday

Year 1

Term 2

Immersive Learning Overview

Other information


Southville Primary follows the Letters and Sounds programme. During Year 1 we cover phases 3-5. Below is a document that has a glossary of phonics terms and also a breakdown of the Letters and Sounds phases.

The English language is made up of 42 main sounds. To make sure you are pronouncing the sounds correctly we recommend going onto the Jolly Phonics website where you can listen to sounds being said.

Please see below for our Phonics Evening presentation.


Extra links and support


We will be working on our targets each term in class. To support your child at home here are some fun maths websites:


In English we think carefully about pencil grip and letter formation throughout the year. We work very hard with our writing skills by carefully sounding words out to write clear sentences.

Our key sentence writing targets are:

  • saying our sentence before writing (whispering to our pencils)
  • identifying sounds to write each word
  • using capital letters
  • using full stops
  • remembering finger spaces
  • reading our sentence to check it makes sense

Use these websites to help support your child in meeting these targets: 

Deep Sea Phonics - choose the correct sounds to open the treasure chests.

Kung-Fo sentences - ordering words to make sentences.