Our vision

To our children, we will guide you through the process of driving your own learning, to discovering the possibilities and opportunities that are open to you and helping you become the best that you can be. We will harness your natural curiosity and creativity; encourage you to be courageous and adventurous in your learning; and provide you with the support you might need to become confident and self-assured. We want you to believe that anything is possible and that there are no limits to your future aspirations. We will teach you to a very high standard in order to make these aspirations into reality and ensure that all doors are open to you in the future.

To our parents and carers, we will work with you to create a fun, safe and inclusive school community in which your children can flourish. We will communicate with you about your children’s progress and provide you with the tools you need to help them at home. We are a child-centred school with an incredibly caring and supportive ethos, where your children are appreciated for who they are and each child is supported to fulfil his or her own potential. We will work together with you to develop kind and caring young people who treat everyone they meet with care and respect. We will teach your child to be physically and mentally healthy as we believe that these are the foundations upon which all other skills are built.