Learning in Year 5

Immersive Learning

Please find below all the learning maps for the six topics we will learn this year. These topics will
form the majority of our lessons, combining literacy, science, art, DT, history and geography. It really helps your child build their knowledge and understanding if you can support their learning at home by, for example, taking them to a museum or finding a non-fiction book in the library linked to each term’s topic.

Physical Education

Please come into school dressed in your PE kit on the day you have PE and wear trainers on your
running days.

Year 5 running - Wednesday and Friday

Lions PE - Mondays
Lemurs PE - Mondays
Leopards PE - Tuesdays


School library books need to be quarantined after being brought back into school, so we are asking
that they all come in on the same day (Monday).

If your child needs to change their reading book:

  • please make a note to that effect in their reading journal so that we know they have finished
    the book.
  • encourage them to write a short response to what they have read in their journal too.
  • bring in the book on Monday along with the journal.
  • take a new book home on Wednesday.


Please see below the spelling lists for group 1, group 1a and group 2. Children will be tested on their spellings every Thursday.


Your homework for this term is below. This term we are moving to an online system using Google
Classroom. Children each have their own login and should be able to complete and hand in their
work online, following the instructions set by the teacher.

Please see below this term's overview. If you have any trouble accessing the work online, please bring in a paper copy instead.