Learning in Year 4

Immersive Learning

Please find below all the learning maps for the six topics we will learn this year. These topics will
form the majority of our lessons, combining literacy, science, art, DT, history and geography. It really
helps your child build their knowledge and understanding if you can support their learning at home
by, for example, taking them to a museum or finding a non-fiction book in the library linked to each
term’s topic.

Physical Education

Please come into school dressed in your PE kit on the day you have PE and wear trainers on your
running days.


You will have the opportunity to go to the library to change your book every week.
Don't just read school books - see if you can find a new author of your own or ask your family if you
can read a newspaper, packaging, leaflets or the manual to a new device.  Or click on the link below
to Newsround to read all about the latest news stories. 


Your weekly spelling quiz will take place on Wednesday morning. You will be given a list of the spellings for the whole term during the first week of term, so that you can learn them at home.


Your homework for each term will be given out in the first week.