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On this page you will find out who your School Governors are and what our current priorities are within school.


What is the Governing Body for?

School governors are responsible for:

  • overall strategic direction, with regard to educational achievement and curriculum, financial and people management including staffing structures, and the management of the school site
  • agreeing the annual budget and monitoring expenditure
  • creating many of the school’s policies and procedures and ensuring they are implemented.

The Governing Body is not responsible for the day-to-day running of the school. However, it acts as a ‘critical friend’ and has an important ‘challenge and support’ role.

Governors’ Roles and Responsibilities 2017/2018

 You can see here a list of all governors.


Ms Clare Sutherland      Head Teacher

Mr Gareth Potter           Deputy Head Teacher

Pravashance Reddy

Marc Lyall

James Twine

Jagraj Natay

Emma Morris

Jennifer Gibson

Lorina Covington

Emily Darwen

Liz Newton

Ruth Wadsworth

Sasha Tiley        Clerk to the Governors

Governor Newsletter

Governor Minutes

The Full Governing Body holds 6 meetings a year.

The most recent meeting notes will be located at the top of the page.

 This page is currently being updated

Who are your Governors?

Pravashanee Reddy (Co-chair)

Marc Lyall (Co-chair)

Jennifer Gibson

Lorna Covington

Jagraj Notay

Jim Twine

Emma Morris

Gareth Potter