Southville Primary School

Merrywood Road, Bristol, Avon. BS3 1EB Tel: 01173772671

Myrtle Street, Bristol, Avon. BS3 1JG Tel: 01173534444



School vision

Enjoyment and Achievement in Learning


We aim for everyone to enjoy learning and to achieve success through working together in an inspiring, creative, happy, caring and respectful environment.


In developing the school with children, staff, parents, governors and the wider community, we will:


·   Create a welcoming, positive, safe and vibrant learning environment, where the well being of every individual is valued.


·   Enable all learners to aim high and  achieve their  potential through providing a positive, active learning culture, which encourages perseverance, independence and preparation for the world outside of school


·   Encourage respect and tolerance towards others


·   Ensure that we communicate consistent expectations clearly to all parts of the school community to foster a shared understanding of our aims 


·   Endeavour to work together as an effective team, and be involved in sharing success and supporting each other as necessary


·   Promote healthy lifestyles


·   Look after and organise our indoor and outdoor environment and resources, making sure that we reduce, re-use and recycle  where possible


·  Develop skills of reflection and self - evaluation