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Our curriculum


Immersive Learning

Over the past few months, our amazing teachers have been designing a new curriculum in key stages 1 and 2, which we launched with the children at the start of this week. Under this new curriculum, the children will learn many subjects under one umbrella; we call this
‘Immersive Learning’ as the children are fully immersed in a particular topic or theme for a term and become experts in that area of the curriculum. Our immersive curriculum combines writing, history, geography, art, design & technology and science, plus other subjects such as mathematics and physical education where it makes sense. There are so many benefits to organising our curriculum in this way, including: giving children plenty of knowledge to use when writing; building specialist vocabulary into daily lessons; ensuring all subjects (not just reading, writing and maths) are given the same value and status; and making links between subjects and our daily lives.



Phonics is teaching the sounds in words and the letters or groups of letters that represent these sounds. Being able to use phonics is fundamental to learning to read and write.

We use a combination of approaches to achieve this. The overarching approach is 'Letters and Sounds'. This is delivered on a daily basis and is supported through a combination of different synthetic approaches 'Jolly Phonics' and 'Read Write Inc'. The scheme is initially introduced in our Reception class and is then taken on in to our Key stage 1 classrooms. Our aim is that all children will have a sound knowledge and understanding of phonics by the age of 7.


Our curriculum 

Foundation Stage - Reception topic overview

 Year 2's curriculum overview.


Year 4's curriculum overview.


Year 6's curriculum overview.

 Year 1's curriculum overview.

 Year 3's curriculum overview


Year 5's curriculum overview

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