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Health and Activity for Life

We are extremely proud that Southville Primary School was one of the first schools in Bristol to be awarded the Mayor's Award for Excellence as a health promoting school. We are committed to encouraging all children to make Healthy and Active Lifestyle choices. The Year 5 and 6 Food Crew and Tuck Shop crew are dedicated to delivering these healthy messages. This area of the website will inform you of the activities taking place within school.

We now have a new ECO Crew which is made up of children from

Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 

However, all children are welcome to help with recycling & saving energy in our school!

Healthy Choices

It is very important to make a healthy start to life. As a school we encourage all children to make Healthy Life choices. As part of our commitment the children have established a 'Food Crew'. These children are responsible for promoting balanced lunch boxes, minimising food waste from the kitchen, running and accounting the school tuck shop. All this information can be found below. More will follow shortly.

Tuck Shop

Our Year 6 keep us healthy by running a daily healthy tuck shop. They even buy the bread from the deli and do the accounts every week!

We sell:

A variety of fruit & vegetables -  10p

Pitta bread - 10p

Bread sticks, rice cakes, crackers etc - 10p

Raisins - 10p

Frubes (frozen!) - 20p

Malt Loaf - 20p

Cheese - 20p

And on Thursdays, baguettes (fresh from a local bakery) - 20p

Every care is taken to ensure that all products are nut & sesame free.



Posters of our sugar tax debate:

Food Crew

The Year 5 Food Crew Award the Golden Plate every week to the class who have cleared their plates most during school dinners.


The Eatwell Plate

Promoting a balanced diet.

In July 2015  we won a silver award from the Soil Association for our growing and food...Great work everyone! (We are currently awaiting the new logo)





Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We have a very enthusiastic team of children who help our caretaker with recycling every week.


Gardening at Southville Primary

We have made some raised beds and are growing onions, garlic and other vegetables:

Darren is our expert gardener who helps and advises us: 

 ****Design our garden competition**** 

The KS2 pupils had a talk from Darren and were invited to submit their ideas for our new, planting area.

Please hand in your entries to Mrs Hayes or

Ms Grimes.


Southville Primary in the Community

The Eco Crew are getting busy tidying up our school and the local community with our new litter pickers.



Ashton Park Link

The school are currently linked with Ashton Park Secondary School to encourage children to participate in a number of different sports both competitively and for fun.

Please follow the link to sporting activities see what is happening next.  


 Regular activities that happen at Southville Primary are:

Free Wheel Fridays:

Cycle training and Biking Activities:

Sporting visits

Take the Lead (Playground Leaders)

Healthy and Active Lifestyle Assemblies:

School Sports Leaders