On this page you will find out who your School Governors are and what our current priorities are within school.


What is the Governing Body for?

School governors are responsible for:

  • overall strategic direction, with regard to educational achievement and curriculum, financial and people management including staffing structures, and the management of the school site
  • agreeing the annual budget and monitoring expenditure
  • creating many of the school’s policies and procedures and ensuring they are implemented.

The Governing Body is not responsible for the day-to-day running of the school. However, it acts as a ‘critical friend’ and has an important ‘challenge and support’ role.

Governors’ Roles and Responsibilities 2017/2018

 You can see here a list of all governors, their individual responsibilities and their terms of office.

Governor Newsletter

Governor Minutes

The Full Governing Body holds 6 meetings a year.

The most recent meeting notes will be located at the top of the page.

 This page is currently being updated

Who are your Governors?

Pravashanee Reddy (Co-chair)

Marc Lyall (Co-chair)

Alan Baker (Vice chair)

Jennifer Gibson

Natalie Alpi

Lorna Covington

Jagraj Notay

Jim Twine

Emma Morris

David Thomas

Gareth Potter