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Headteacher's Blog - What is happening today?

The eggs are here - don't forget to check the website to see pictures of them hatching

We had a puppet show and assemby to teach us about recycling and saving energy and now it is time for Green Team to go into action! They are secretly monitoring our use of electricity!


Southville , Ashton Gate, Ashton Vale, Cheddar Grove, Compass Point, Luckwell, St Peter's Primary School choirs in concert with the South Bristol Music Centre Community Orchestra at St George's Concert Hall 

Schools and orchestra rehearse before the concert

Stages Colston Hall February 2014


We enjoyed a visit by Monsieur Anton Freulon, who was our French Assistant from Bordeaux University this year.  

Let's celebrate!
Achievement Assembly

Fantastic achievements, especially in Maths club. Well done everyone!



Well done Pelican Class, an excellent attitude and impressive progress in windband lessons. We look forward to your concert at the end of the year.


Having fun!

Free wheel Friday and Playtime

Have you been to free wheel Friday? What do you do in the playground? Have you checked out quiet club?


Literacy Week House Quiz Results!

During our Literacy Week at the end of January we had what is becoming a bit of a tradition...the House Literacy Quiz! There were questions about reading as well as more technical spelling, grammar and punctuation questions. Children from KS1 & KS2 collaborated beautifully in their house groups.

Here are the results:

Stackpool: 64% 4th Place

Merrywood: 68% 3rd Place

Milford: 70% 2nd Place

Greville: 76% 1st Place


Well done to everyone, but especially Greville, who came first! 1000 house points to you


Latest Whole school calendar Events

Swimming Year 2 and Year 429Apr2014

Swimming Year 2: Fun in the water Year 4: Developing my swimming

Class Photos30Apr2014

The school photographers will be in to take class photos

School Closed - Public Holiday05May2014

Swimming Year 2 and Year 406May2014

Swimming Year 2: Fun in the water Year 4: Developing my swimming

KS2 SATs week12May2014

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