Core principles

Fundamental principles of teaching and learning at Southville Primary School

At our school, we work to provide a curriculum that is both challenging and engaging, encouraging children to be excited about and engaged with their learning whilst also making excellent progress to achieve well in all subjects. 

The following principles underpin teaching and learning at our school:

  • Provides challenge at all levels
  • Is accessible to all children
  • Is part of a progressive learning journey
  • Promotes a sense of ‘Wow!’
  • Shows a clear progression within and across year groups
  • Prepares children for being responsible local and global citizens
  • Teaches children about their rights and responsibilities
  • Promotes a sense of wellbeing and teaches children to recognise, name and communicate their feelings
  • Gives children the chance to develop informed opinions and communicate them to others
  • Develops creativity both in practice and in thought

Curriculum Overview 2020—2021

Year Group Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
1 Pesky Pirates Bandages & Bravery Let’s Play Life Below Water Down on the Farm Awesome Africa
2 An Island Home Fire! Fire! Power of Pictures Amazon Adventure Food Heroes Terrific Trees
3 Savage Stone Age To the Ends of the Earth Healthy Me What the Romans Did for Us Brilliant Light Oh, Grow Up!
4 All Around Us Awesome Ancient Egyptians Imaginary Worlds Listen Up! Hoo Were the Anglo-Saxons Life Down Under
5 New York, New York Out of the World Greatest Greeks Now that’s what I call the 1960s The Vikings are Coming Climate Warriors
6 Vive la France! Mysterious Mayans My, How You’ve Changed Bristol Street Art Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions Curious Crime