Southville Primary School

Merrywood Road, Bristol, Avon. BS3 1EB Tel: 01173772671

Myrtle Street, Bristol, Avon. BS3 1JG Tel: 01173534444



Merrywood Road site

Myrtle Street site

Take a tour of the school


Take a stroll with us around Southville Primary School.


Our tour begins at the front gate. Stroll across the playground heading for our new visitor entrance.

What can you see on the playground?

Did you know:

Underneath your feet is an air raid shelter from World War 2. Unfortunately this had to be partially filled in due to the school expansion but we have left future generations a little time capsule.



As you come through the main visitor entrance the first people you will see are members of the office team:

Mrs Slater (School Business Manager), Mrs Pearce, Mrs Ashley, Mrs Fletcher. Miss Kennedy and Ms Amey

You will experience a very warm welcome and they will be able to direct you on the rest of your journey through school.


Did you know:

The average age of the ladies in the office is just 21!


Walking down the corridor from Gromit corner you will come across the main entrance for the children and the orange door. The ladies or a member of staff will buzz you through this door.


Did you know:

The colour orange has a Wavelength of between 590-620 nm and a Frequency of between 505-480THz


The ladies in the office will buzz you through the locked door which takes you in to our Gromit protected waiting room. Turn right to Mrs Smith's office, turn left to enter the main school.


Did you know:

Every child in Southville Primary School helped to dress Gromit in his school uniform. His jumper is made up of everyone's finger/thumb print.


This is the main corridor in the school. Both children and visitors use this corridor to get from the main hall to the playgrounds.


Did you know:

On the left hand side shows pictures of all the staff and our school vision.


On the right as you walk down this corridor you will see our first classroom. This is currently a Key Stage 1 room.


Did you know:

This classroom used to be the staff room and the main school office.


As you continue on through the corridor the first thing you see is the book shelves lining the school library.


Did you know:

The school and PTA are working in partnership to develop this space in to a lending library to be proud of. Mr Smith is leading the library charge. 



 The library sits within the main hall. Nearly all the classes in the school open directly on to this space. Within this space we have Assembly, PE, Groups, Packed lunch, Discos and loads of out of school activities.


Around the hall there are lots of colourful classroom doors. Which door belongs to which class?


Did you know:

The PTA painted all the classroom doors.


Below is our American Diner. The children have school dinners in this room. The children did lots of fund raising to change our boring dining room into this vibrant dining room.


Did you know:

Our school delivers on average 300 meals a week.

As you enter the school you will be greeted by Gromit. He has moved to the Myrtle Site for a small holiday. Mrs Pearce, Mrs Ashley and Ms Amey will welcome you to our school.

As you go through the door the first room on the right is the main school hall. Children have lunch, PE lessons, assemblies and...

future school productions. With our new lighting rig.


As you come back into the corridor turn left and you have our small hall and library area. 


Check out our downstairs corridor. All the coats hung up on their pegs!!!

Can you estimate the length of the corridor?